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Monsterfest Talk Forum: What You’re Saying

The Talk forum this week focused on all of the metropolis-munching monsters of cinema. We asked you to let us know who your favorite was, and the showdown was bigger than when Godzilla faced Mothra.

Microwaved got the ball rolling when he wrote, “While other monsters are close seconds (Werewolf, I’m looking at you) Godzilla was my first love right behind Spider-man in the seventies, and he’s stayed that way my whole life.”

judygr64, for her part, said she was a King Kong fan. “I like the Peter Jackson version a lot…but I like the 1933 version with Fay Wray even more.” A conversation ensued about the differences between Peter Jackson’s remake and the original Kong. cmaxwell insisted that the original was better. “It still amazes me what they could do back then without all the technology we have today!”

Log on to the Talk forum to let us know which monster is your favorite, and you’ll have a chance to win a Go to the Talk forum now!

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