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Marvel Zombies: The Movie

The concept driving Marvel Zombies is better than anything Marvel has done in some time. The idea is simple: Because of a galactic plague brought to Earth by Sentry, every superhero on the planet is turned into a mindless carnivorous zombie that wipes out mankind and leaves the once-super survivors to consider other food sources.

Sadly, like most good comic book ideas, Marvel has sucked it dry through uninspired variations like Marvel Zombies versus The Army of Darkness . After that one, I was pretty sure I had lost interest in the idea of a zombified Spider-Man.

But never say never, because a lone couple of fan boys doing their own Marvel Zombies movie, have managed to bring back my enthusiasm. The “plot” of the video involves a monster Spidey eating Mary Jane’s guts. It’s all just gooey greatness.

via [SF Signal]

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