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Iron Man Toy Goes Steampunk


From the steampunk boilers of the Victorian age, belching an aerosol comprised of the superheated imagination of the toy designer who brought us the Gaslight Justice League, comes Tony Stark as Victorian Iron Man — just in time for the upcoming movie.

Part Tin Man of Oz, part railgun wielding juggernaut, Sillof’s Iron Man is the creation of an absinthe-addicted Tony Stark, created in a fever dream after being kidnapped and held for ransom by the usual slick-moustached Snidely D. Whiplashes of the late 19th century.

As usual, Sillof’s ability to mod existing action figures into retro-futuristic pastiches is pretty impressive, but I don’t think this one shows as much love as his Gaslight Justice League series. Heck, he admits as much: “Designed as a companion piece of sorts to my Gaslight Justice League. I am actually more of a Marvel fan then a DC fan. The line is Victorian in nature, with slight steampunk elements, and a flair of the American West of the 1800s.”

Still, I think the figure illustrates a prominent issue with the whole Iron Man concept: the more technologically advanced Iron Man gets, the lamer he becomes. The movie’s really going to struggle with this, I think.

Victorian Marvels [Sillof] (via Tomopop)

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