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India Asks: “Where’s My Flying Car?”

flying-car-front.jpgThanks to a lifetime of learning about science according to whatever 60s pulp writer working for a nickel a word thinks the nation’s lab-coated scientists should be able to do, I imminently expect the following: Time travel, working cryogenics, dimensional tourism, sentient cyborgs, and immortality.

Needless to say, science — that lofty, pillared institution, the deity of our non-deific age — is working on none of these things seriously, being far more concerned with practical issues like curing cancer. Most of the world’s time travel experiments are being conducted by wild-haired kooks. But there is some overlap.

Over at the Times of India, Vikram Sheel Kumar, a clinical pathologist from Harvard Medical School and MIT, has written an article on five sci-fi concepts that science is actually working on. It’s an interesting primer on where things like invisibility technology, antimatter fuel, and flying cars are going and when they’ll get here, but this guy knows jack about sci-fi: He thinks Harry Potter is science fiction, and he talks extensively about the Hulk’s healing factor when the far more obvious allusion would be to Wolverine’s healing factor. Oh well. Maybe the Hulk is more popular in Bombay.

Where Sci-Fi Gets Serious [Times of India]

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