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I’d Like to Thank the Splatcademy…

oscar.jpgDo you feel AMC’s own) but few chances to weigh in on 2007’s crop of standout horror films. Dead Lantern is attempting to turn the tables, and they want your vote.

The First Annual Splatcademy Awards will be held on Feb. 25th as a part of DL’s weekly podcast, and the winners will be awarded Oscar– er, Spooky statuettes made out of papier-mâché. Even if some of the nominees came out in 2006, there are plenty to choose from, and lots of categories the Academy will never touch! (Including a “Best Horror Blog” category, for which MonsterFest was not nominated… perhaps due to a clerical error.) Check out Dead Lantern’s pre-show Splattercast for all the relevant details, and be sure to vote early and often!

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