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Guilty Pleasures: The Young Studs of Young Guns


From John Ford to Clint Eastwood, Westerns have been a staple of American cinema. And yet there have been times when the genre has fallen out of favor. Take the ’80s. Except for the star-studded Silverado, Hollywood shied away from gun-slinging sagas…until some studio exec got the bright idea to mix hot young actors with the Wild West. Featuring a sextet of sexy studs who all went on to become stars (OK, that’s not quite true, Casey Siemaszko is hardly a household name), Young Guns introduced the John Hughes set to shoot-’em-ups and vigilante justice.

While neither the film nor its sequel is an official part of the Brat Pack canon, both feature full-fledged tween attraction Emilio Estevez as well as Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland and Lou Diamond Phillips. It was the popularity of those stars that enticed Day-Glo-clad mallrats to give Westerns a try and perhaps even played a part in helping Eastwood revitalize the genre in the ’90s with Unforgiven. Sure the Man with No Name probably watched Young Guns I and II in disgust–if he even watched them at all. But that doesn’t mean we Brat lovers can’t get a kick out of watching them. Those guys were like totally hot (yes, even Casey).

Young Guns I and Young Guns II start today, Saturday, February 2 at 1:45 p.m. | 12:45C on AMC.

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