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G.I. Joe: Doctor Who Is Destro

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We don’t talk about the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie very much here. It’s nebulously science fiction with its laser guns and snake men, but the movie looked like it could go either way: A romping revisitation of some of the 80’s more execrable 30-minute toy commercials, or a post-9/11 anti-terrorist franchise with — shudder — real guns and bullets.

But this smidge of casting news is too sci-fi to miss: Paramount has apparently confirmed the identity of the actor to fill the silver-plated bald cap of C.O.B.R.A. second-in-command Destro, and that actor will be Christopher Eccleston.

That’s right: Doctor Who is Destro. Although you almost have to wonder why they’d cast someone like Eccleston, who has repeatedly resisted franchises, pulling out of both Heroes and Doctor Who after only one season. Surely Paramount must want an actor who will stick around for a trilogy. Here’s hoping they word the contract in such a way that Eccleston can’t wriggle out of it the second he feels typecast.

Breaking News: G.I. Joe’s Destro Has Been Re-Cast!

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