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Fan Fiction for Firefly for Free

mal.JPGWith only 14 episodes, three comic books and a movie to make up the official canon, Firefly Browncoats don’t have a lot of source material for their favorite ‘Verse. Turning to fan fiction on the Internet for fresh infusions can be a dangerous enterprise–for every scrap of compelling fiction and plausible prose, one has to sift through piles of vitriol like Mal and Simon slash encounters.

If you’re one of those Browncoats tired of web-trolling, take heart: you’ve just been given the closest you’ll ever find to a canon Firefly fan fiction by way of Steven Brust’s free novel My Own Kind of Freedom. Though fan fiction, the book is actually an adaptation of a failed proposal for an episode, and by all accounts it excels as both literature and Firefly canon. Pick it up, print it out, and wile away a lazy weekend reading in the sun and imagining the rumble of Serenity’s engines beneath your feet.

My Own Kind Of Freedom [Dreamcafe]

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