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Doctor Who Series 4 In-Theater Trailer

The quality of this is absolutely awful, so I apologize in advance, but an errant cell phone cam held by the wobbly hand of a rogue British YouTuber has captured the latest in-theaters-only trailer for Doctor Who Season 4.

It confirms a number of rumors that have been leaked online over the past few months. Yes, that is Rose, returning as a companion to the Doctor, thank you very much. It also appears that Martha Jones is back, naked and covered in ectoplasm. And hey, look who else is back: the Sontarans!

The most hopeful thing about the trailer though is it looks like Catherine Tate has dialed her “comedy” way back since her appearance in the 2006 Christmas special. Let’s hope that’s not just an editing trick: she was so irritating in the Christmas special that sparks started shooting off of my fillings as I ground my teeth. A more subdued and less ignorant Donna would go a long way to making the next season watchable for me.

Doctor Who Series 4 Trailer [YouTube] (via Bad Astronomy)

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