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Different Monster in Cloverfield 2?

It’s going to be hard to make a sequel to Cloverfield. Strike that. It’s going to be hard to make an imaginative sequel to Cloverfield.

There’s two obvious courses that present themselves, both variations on the same idea.

The first is to repeat the handheld angle verbatim and show the
monster attacking another major metropolis, but short of using the
Eiffel Tower as a toothpick, it’s going to be pretty hard to find a
city as iconic as New York to trash. The second idea is to repeat the
handheld angle, but from a different perspective in the same monster attack, giving more information (contextual or otherwise) on what happened in the first film.

But J.J. Abrams is hinting he’ll do neither. In an interview he
gave to Reelzchannel, Abrams said that the handheld camera angle would
likely get pretty tedious if done too much. Even better, he seems to be
at least considering the concept of introducing another monster, or
scrapping the first film’s monster altogether. Given how utterly
impoverished of imagination that monster design was, that would be a
good thing, in my book.

JJ Abrams Talks Cloverfield 2 [Bloody-Disgusting]

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