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Daily Scan: 02.26.08

• There’s no official word yet if Fox is going to pick up the dismally-rated Sarah Connor Chronicles for a second season, but this news from Germany gives a bit of hope to the faithful that they might.

• io9 lists the worst sci-fi resurrections. Cylons are included, because waking up after dying in a tub of what appears to be sputum isn’t what most of us pictured.

• Eddie Izzard meets Darth Vader at the latest Iron Maiden gig.

• Catherine Tate interviews her padawan, David Tennant, about the next season of Doctor Who over on the BBC 4’s Chain Reaction.

• The new Iron Man posters are utterly gorgeous.

• And speaking of Iron Man, it continues to sound amazing.

• FOUND: one post-apocalyptic, Road Warrior style death car.

• Did Chris Carter cause September 11th? Well, no, but they were worried.

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