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Daily Scan: 02.20.08


• Even more excruciatingly awesome old-timey sci-fi paperback covers. The day they nuked Los Angeles? Man, I wish!

• A lovely slideshow of Iron Man shots. This is shaping up swimmingly.

How close are we to Star Trek tech? Well, we’ve got transparent aluminum down pat! Universal translators and matter transports? Not so much.

• Imagine the possibilities of the crew of Serenity on the island from LOST.

• Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield debut their new steampunk webcomic, Freak Angels. Yes, I’m pretty sure that sultry begoggled protagonist is based on my partner-in-crime. Hair’s all wrong, though.

• Bibliophile interviews those magnificent bastards over at SF Signal, SciFi Scanner’s favorite sci-fi blog.

• He won’t be the Flash, but he will wear a red-suit: Ryan Reynolds is signed up to play Deadpool.

• This Speed Racer Hot Wheels playset would have been the toy of my childhood dreams.

• I have nothing but love for the Big Finish boys, who are doing audioplays based on Stargate SG-1 next. I think Stargate sucks, but Big Finish has a habit of catapulting terrible franchises into greatness.

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