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Daily Scan: 02.14.08

spawn-comic-cover-177-cl-thumb.jpg• Great White Snark lists the five best sci-fi apocalypses. Death by amorous Marilyn Monrobots is not there, but a plague that only kills men is.

• Sci-fi novelist Mike Brotherton declares Armageddon the worst sci-fi movie ever, and Bad Astronomy agrees.

Michael Bay claims to have written Transformers 2 already. If by “write” you mean “smashed together Transformers action figures while making explodey sounds with his mouth.”

• I wasn’t the only one to think of 2010 when Roy Scheider died: io9 lists reasons why 2010 is better than 2001.

• More Black History Month from a sci-fi perspective: The ten greatest black superheroes.

Lost will only get an unlucky 13 episodes this season.

• SF Signal quizzes a gaggle of sci-fi editors and authors about the purpose of short fiction in a novelist’s world.

• The retro-futuristic space art of John Polgreen would make excellent desktop wallpapers.

• Eric Bana’s much ballyhooed “Nero” role in Star Trek XI is apparently little more than a cameo.

• And speaking of Trek XI, Paramount has now optioned an entirely new logo.

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