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Daily Scan: 02.12.08

abomination.jpg• Pink Raygun examines the supposed feminization of the SciFi channel. I’m unconvinced, given that Bonnie Tyler, the new head, was just promoted.

• Curious about who will be the latest selfish, incompetent hedonist to join Torchwood

• Action figures give the best spoilers these days. Here’s a first look at The Abomination in the new Hulk.

• Cinematical looks at doomed romances between famous monsters.

• Approximately one million Star Trek action figures were up on eBay this weekend.

• Joe R. Lansdale, one of my favorite authors as a teenager, is posting stories regularly online.

• The coolest story to come out of the caving global climate: Primordial goo is taking over our oceans.

• UGO has a whole mess of The Dark Knight spoilers.

• I adore this modern re-interpretation of one of the super-creepy and deformed Fantastic Four pin-ups Jack Kirby was known to dash off.

• John over at SF Signal hoses off on Heroes.

• Oh yeah, PS: The WGA Strike is over.

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