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Daily Scan: 02.11.08

• Just a reminder, you Star Trek fans: The remastered, CGI-jiggered premier of “The Ultimate Computer” will be on television this weekend.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 to be a Captain Jack Sparow / Barbarossa buddy picture?

• io9 takes a look at the even crappier sci-fi themed sequel to Dragon’s Lair.

• The Carl Brandon Society — a group dedicated to underlining the contributions of minorities in the speculative fiction genres — have a suggested reading list of sci-fi for Black History Month. Awesome.

• Awesome papercraft robots for you to play with!

• Eric Bana gives away the Star Trek XI plot!

• The awesomest pinball table: Attack From Mars.

• And don’t get too excited just yet, but the WGA Strike may be over. An alternate (and less optimistic) take here

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