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Daily Scan: 02.06.08

• IESB is hosting six new clips from the Anakin Skywalker meets Teleportation movie, Jumper.

• Speaking of Jumper, Stephen Gould talks about why the movie is good for fans of the book, despite the fact that his hardcore fan base of neckbeards are outraged by some of Hollywood’s licenses.

• Free e-books for the cheap and quasi-literate Doctor Who fan.

• A new and utterly uninformative Battlestar Galactica Season Four promo.


• Why bother looking forward to J.J. Abrams’ new X-Files knock-off Fringe when you can just spoil it for yourself?

• In an announcement that will shock and awe no one, the programming-starved SciFi Channel will pick up season 4 of Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures.

• The new Speed Racer toy Mach 5 shoots sawblades.

• io9 looks at three planet eaters in science fiction.

• Cory Doctorow is now the proud father of a lovely and implausibly named daughter, Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow.

Popular Science looks at the science of superheroes.

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