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Daily Scan: 02.05.08

v-7.jpg• Although the first Roger Corman . We watched this a million times when I worked at a comic store in my teen years.

• Everyone’s favorite skin-peeling reptiloids from outer space are back in V: The Second Generation.

• Techropolis asks, “Is Science Fiction Mainstream Entertainment?” They spend hundreds and hundreds of words on a thesis that could have been answered in four: “Now it is, yes.”

• There are more than 200 “real” superheroes on MySpace.

• SF Signal rails against another New York Times literary idiot. DeNardo’s awesome at this.

• Not science fiction, but I’m too psyched to care: the Arrested Development movie is (almost) a go.

• Long before Farscape made extraterrestrial, transspecies sex a matter of scifi course, Star Trek paved the way: the best Star Trek orgasms. Stay for the money shot, as it were.

• Ah, YTMND: Always offering an endless loop of Darth Vader getting snippy with a morning VJ over his title.

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