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Craven Casts Remake of The Last House on the Left


Wes Craven has finally cast his remake of The Last House on the Left. The redo of the 1972 film, says Variety, “revolves around a couple, on vacation at their lake shore house, who
inadvertently gives shelter to the sociopaths who have just assaulted
and nearly killed their daughter. After discovering the truth, they
exact revenge on the attackers.”

In justifying his new version, Craven has said that the idea is evergreen because the human need for revenge makes headlines every day. Craven has waited a long 35 years to do a sequel, this time starring hard working character actor Garret Dillahunt (No Country for Old Men, Deadwood). Are you ready for a sequel, or do you just wish Craven would lens something completely new?

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