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Cloverfield Toy Offers First Good Look At Monster

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Even after seeing Cloverfield twice, I had only a dim understanding of what the monster looked like. It was big, sure. It had a big, cherry-colored, inflatable bladder in the middle of its forehead, at which the Army, curiously, never decided to aim a bazooka. And I had the vague impression that the monster was tripodal. But that’s about it: First person jiggly-cam does not well define the spatial dimensions of a sub-aqueous monster, apparently.

So the released shots of Hasbro’s upcoming Cloverfield monster are the first real chance I’ve had to actually figure out what the thing is supposed to look like. And my immediate impression is this is not exactly an iconic monster design. In fact, it’s hard to understand what sort of die-hard would pay Hasbro a hundred dollars for a monster this lackluster.

Of course, I’m ultimately just bitter: I’d pay double Hasbo’s asking price if they’d do a figure based on this pre-release Cloverfield Internet fake, which is still a hundred times more interesting than the monster in the film.

Cloverfield Movie Monster [Hasbro]

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