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Cloverfield Monster Designer: “Not A Godzilla Movie”

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Cloverfield was a pretty good giant monster movie, but the Cloverfield monster was a pretty crappy monster. Pale, non-memorable, and evolutionarily-impossible (especially considering its deep sea origins), it only succeeds on-screen thanks to the first person cameraman’s grim determination to never actually get a good shot. It seems impossible that Hollywood, with all the technology of CGI behind it, can’t come up with a cooler monster than the rubber suits some Toho monster designer dreamed up 30 years ago, but Cloverfield proves it.

Now io9 has posted an interview with Cloverfield monster designer Neville Page. They astutely avoid asking Page the question on everyone’s minds: “Why does the Cloverfield monster look so stupid?” But he does sort of address it in a roundabout way…

“I am not recalling being told to NOT do Godzilla like designs, it was more implicit. Since it was not a Godzilla movie,
it would have been a huge mistake to do things like it. However, it
still needed to be huge, have a head full of teeth, arms and legs, and,
because of it coming out of the water, I felt it needed a tail to
justify an aquatic potential origin or existence.”

Sigh. If there’s one thing Cloverfield is, it’s a modern-day Godzilla
movie. I’m sure it makes these guys feel more self-important saying
it’s a post-9/11 allegory on environmental fears, but that allegory?
That’s a huge frickin’ monster. And it could have looked just so much more iconic.

io9 Talks to Cloverfield Monster Designer Neville Page [io9]

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