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Cephalophilia Meets Sci-Fi

Picture 2.jpgIf science fiction is to be believed, the void of space is filled with cosmic cephalopods, squiggling their way through meteor showers and squirting inky blasts of dark matter out of their bowels when threatened by UFOs. Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime series is filled with giant alien cephalopods, while H.P. Lovecraft’s entire Cthulhu Mythos is based upon the idea that there’s a Squid God Alien living at the end of the universe who really hates mankind. And so on. Squid sci-fi is a thriving sub-genre.

I’m a cephalophile myself. When I dream, I dream like Elton John meets The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. Which is why the brilliantly named Talking Squids in Outer Space site may very well be my favorite sci-fi site ever. The concept is simple but brilliant: Compile a complete ‘Squidliography’ of every science fiction work that features cosmic squids, annotate every work where a slimy tentacle snakes around the conical torso of a platinum blond space explorer. It’s the summer reading list for the sci-fi cephalophile.

Talking Squids In Outer Space [Official Site] (via SF Signal)

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