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Cell Phone Dangle Spoils Indiana Jones 4 Alien Involvement

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In the age of countless movie product tie-ins, even the closest kept secret can be spilled from a T-shirt, toy prototype, or dangling cell phone charms. So you can blame the land of cell phone bling for this huge honking spoiler: A recently released advertisement for Japanese cell phone charms seems to confirm the ever-present rumor that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystall Skull is about aliens.

The advertisement features a decidedly extraterrestrial-looking crystal skull keychain. If this is an official tie-in, this pretty much confirms all the rumors that Indy visits Area 51 in the newest film and the Close Encounters of the Third Kind tie-in.

This might be the most unexpected source of a plot leak ever. Thanks, Japan!

Indian Jones: Cell Phone Charms Are The New Spoilers [io9]

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