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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Feb. 25

1. Horror novelist and creep expert Scott Sigler shines a light on the Academy Awards’ frighteningly forgotten horror categories in his first MonsterFest column.

2. Cloverfield, Lost and Buffy scribe Drew Goddard goes graphic with a new series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer comics in a four-issue arc titled “Wolves at the Gate.” Sounds like a howl.

3. Will David Duchovny be celebrating his Werewolf Bar Mitzvah for X-Files 2? Bloody Disgusting is not so sure, but a newly surfaced picture is certainly spooky, scary.

4. The world gasps in shock when it learns Leonardo DiCaprio’s and Martin Scorsese’s upcoming film — an adaptation of Mystic River author Dennis Lehane’s creepy Shutter Island — is drawing big bucks in Hollywood.

5. Lindsay Lohan’s horrifying performance in 2007’s silly I Know Who Killed Me earns her a whopping two Worst Actress Razzies (the anti-Oscars) — one for each personality her character has in the film.

Monsterfest Talk Forum: The Talk forum is wondering if
Hollywood has taken the zombie as far as it can go. I argued that
filmmakers and studios are relying too much on a tried-and-true formula
to make money, possibly at the expense of new, fresh ideas. Microwaved
believes I might have a point: “I think a lot of filmmakers think that
because Romero was so successful at getting his subversive political
messages on the screen through the alliteration of the Zombie that they
think they can do it as well. What they fail to notice is that Romero
has written some pretty damn good scripts and the social commentaries
of Night, Dawn and Day don’t really stick
on the bone now like they did then or like they did when we first
discovered the social commentary when we originally watched these
films.” Yet he conceded that as a zombie fan himself, “I’m guilty of
watching anything that is put on a DVD, except for the Day of the Dead remake — I’m just terrified to watch that from the reviews I’ve read.” Log onto the Talk forum to join in this conversation, or start a new horror topic of your own!

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