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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Feb. 18

1. As if eliminating all of our beloved Chinglish wasn’t enough, Beijing authorities are now banning horror content in media to make the city more family-friendly for the 2008 Olympics.

2. Monsterfest sat down with Justin Welborn, star of this week’s techno-slasher The Signal, for an exclusive interview in which the actor explains his nude debut.

3. Ben Chapman, better known as the titular Creature From the Black Lagoon, passed away at 82. We’ll miss you, Gill Man.

4. Can’t get enough of the Coreys (Haim and Feldman), even after watching their Lost Boys II cameos? Then you’re in luck because they boys are back — in comic book form.

5. Jessica Alba recreated Hitchcock’s deadliest murders for Latina magazine, which might have been pretty cool were she not a laughably bad actress, or if one of her contemporaries didn’t strike more licentious poses for another magazine this week…

Monsterfest Talk Forum: Who’s the best city-munching monster? For DC, it’s a “neck and neck tie between Godzilla and Frankenstein’s monster. Both shaped my childhood quite a bit, and honestly, I still have a half-dozen semblances of each in my grown-up living room. But for favorite singular monster movie, I think I go with Log on to the Monsterfest Talk forum to join in any of these conversations, or to start one of your own.

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