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Best of Monsterfest: Week of Jan. 28

1.RKO Remaking 8 Classic Horror Films” is good news.  The fact that the budget is less than $10 million for each, not so much.  Will the Val Lewton remakes be scary or just provide cheap thrills?

Another healthcare horror story:  Debbie Rochon got a brain tumor and, generous Scream Queen that she is, she’d like you to have a piece of it

First, Romanek flees from The Wolf Man.  Then, a source suggests Bret Rattner might be his replacement.  Now, Harry Knowles is mad.

The Clive Barker resurgence continues.  His Books of Blood are being made into screenplays.

If you play with spikedavid64’s toys, you’re going to get hurt.

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