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Auto Focus: Roger Corman’s Personal Best

Roger Corman knows a classic when he sees it (and when he makes it); the low-budget auteur has
produced hundreds of films and directed 50 of his own, all the while giving
some of Hollywood’s best and brightest a leg up along the way (including Vincent Price, pictured above in The Masque of Red Death). On last week’s Shootout,
Corman revealed which of his own films are nearest and dearest to his heart. Clearly
the director felt himself to be in his prime back in the 1960s when all of these were filmed.

Corman’s Favorite Corman Pictures

Wild Angels

Shop of Horrors

Masque of the Red Death

The Trip
The Intruder

The fact that Corman chose to single out The Masque of Red Death from his many Poe adaptations shows his
awareness of the moment when he truly matured as a filmmaker — or maybe just a
fondness for Vincent Price’s edgy performance as the doomed Prince Prospero. More surprising on this list is a movie few remember to attribute
to Corman, The Intruder. Pared-down, but no less explosive, it features a deceptively clean-cut William Shatner attempting to single-handedly
demolish the Civil Rights movement. As for which recent films will stand the test of time…

Corman believes that American Gangster, No Country for Old Men, and There Will Be Blood are all destined to become classics in their own right. Not surprisingly, Corman’s choices leaned towards the dark side. Of course, he’s not the only one whose opinion matters… rank these films yourself in AMC’s Future of Classic Award: The 2007 Film Most Likely to Endure.


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