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Anime Directors Take On Batman

Just as Clone Wars was the most satisfying aspect of the Star Wars prequels, The Animatrix was the best thing to come out of the Matrix sequels. A collaboration between a half-dozen Japanese anime directors, each of whom was given their own space to tell a story within the Matrix universe, the DVD was a smashing success. It gave an alternate and exotic take on a franchise all too dominated by leather-clad dominatrixes and dimly comprehended pseudo-philosophy.

Now, with The Dark Knight only a few months away, DC Comics is getting into the Animatrix game with Batman: Gotham Knight. Produced by Bruce Timm, the visionary behind the Batman: The Animated Series, and written by Brian Azzarello, Alan Burnett, Jordan Goldberg, David S. Goyer, Josh Olson and Greg Rucka, Gotham Knight will allow Japanese animators to play in Christopher Nolan’s Bat-realm with a series of episodes set between Batman Begins and the forthcoming sequel.

The preview suffers a bit from neckbeard talking heads and not nearly enough anime, but what little animation they do show is compelling. I wish they’d do a new Batman animated series like this, filled with Fist of the North Star-style KAPOW! punches.

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