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3X3: Oscar Nominees Choose the Films That Should Have Won

“It’s an honor just to be nominated.” So the saying goes. And while that is true, which film (or actor) takes home the Oscar still sparks heated debates every year. Heck, the Crash over Brokeback Mountain win still enrages some people! With the 80th annual Academy Awards just weeks away, we asked three Oscar-nominated professionals which films they thought should have snagged the little gold man but didn’t.


Name: Lynn Redgrave

Oscar Nominations: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Georgy Girl (1966); Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Gods and Monsters (1998)

Other Awards Won: Golden Globe and New York Film Critics for Georgy Girl; Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award, London Film Critics Circle for Gods and Monsters

Current Gig: Starring in MCC Theater’s GRACE at the Lucille Lortel Theatre through March 8.


Three Oscar-Nominated Pictures That Should’ve Won:

1. A Streetcar Named Desire (1951): “An absolute classic that lives on and on, filmed in a claustrophobic style that allows us into Blanche’s soul, yearning for all she has lost. Haunting, brilliant, unforgettable.”

2. Shane (1953): “I have seen this film again and again since it first came out and I cry every time! Its simplicity of storytelling is dazzling.”

3. Apocalypse Now (1979): “It was filmed only a few years after the withdrawal of American troops from that nightmare of a war in Vietnam. If it could have come out during the war, surely it could have changed history and ended that debacle way sooner. But then again…do we ever learn?”


Name: Chazz Palminteri

Oscar Nomination: Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Bullets Over Broadway (1994)

Other Awards Won: Independent Spirit Award, Sant Jordi Award

Current Gig: Starring in A Bronx Tale on Broadway through February 24.


Three Oscar-Nominated Pictures That Should’ve Won:

1. Raging Bull (1980):
“It’s one of the best written and directed films ever made, with
groundbreaking cinematography and a spellbinding cast giving great

2. Goodfellas
(1990): “A great Mob movie that shows what’s inside a gangster’s mind.
It was one of the first movies to show how despicable some of those
people really are.”

3. Elmer Gantry
(1960): “The story of how money and fame can cause a person’s downfall.
It shows that we all must pay for our sins — even if we made them a long
time ago.”


Name: Marshall Curry, Director

Oscar Nomination: Best Documentary Feature for Street Fight (2005)

Other Awards Won: Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award, Hot Docs Film Festival Audience Award, Silverdocs Audience Award

Upcoming Gig: If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front (a doc about a radical environmental organization responsible for scores of arson attacks).


Three Oscar-Nominated Pictures That Should’ve Won:

1. All the President’s Men
(1976): “I was a little young to see this film when it came out, but
once I did see it, it was life-changing. It stoked my love for politics
and set me on the path to make Street Fight, my political documentary
about gritty urban campaigning.”

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark
(1981): “This film set the bar for action movies, and I don’t think
there has been a better one since. It’s exciting, it’s funny and the
characters are complex and surprising. It instantly took root in my
12-year old imagination. My best friend and I would spend hours acting
out scenes in the yard, using our belts as bullwhips.”

3. Pulp Fiction
(1994): “I’d never seen anything like this film — it broke so many
Hollywood conventions for dialogue and storylines and violence. Every
minute of it thrilled and amazed me. In most movies when a character is
holding a gun, you know pretty well whether someone is about to get
shot. In Pulp Fiction, when a gun gets waved around, it’s like
life — you really have no idea whether it’s going to go off or not.”

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