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Zombie Vs. Shark: The Death Aquatic


This week’s installment of The Sci Fi Department Video Show reviews some of the biggest, baddest franchise face-offs in all of movie history.

The rundown makes mention of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (aka Zombi 2), a low-budget classic that features a stand-out scene wherein a zombie battles a shark.

Zombie fun fact: The actor hired to play the title role got sick at the last minute and had to be replaced so for this scene at least, his part is played by the shark’s trainer. For a non-professional, he does an excellent job; he’s believably menacing and quite scary. (It also helps to have the scene underscored by a haunting John Carpenter-esque synthesisizer soundtrack.)

Click here to see the underwater throwdown. (Shown in letterbox format for your viewing pleasure!)

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