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Why Does Every Terminator Look Like Schwarzenegger?

One of the logistical problems with the Terminator series is this: How, exactly, can T-800s be covert infiltrating units when each and every one of them looks like a massive, hulking, gap-toothed Austrian bodybuilder?

One of the spin-off novels, T2: Infiltrator, had a cool theory: the T-800s endoskeleton was so massive that there was a limited pool of human models with the physique necessary to mask it.  Skynet therefore drew from a small data pool and finally settled on Dieter von Rossbach, a former Australian counterterrorism operative. It’s a cool little novel, a direct sequel to Terminator 2, that deftly avoids the improbability of another Arnold bot being sent back in time to save John Connor by having him meet up with and be protected by the T-800s human model.

Unfortunately,  Terminator 3 eschewed this explanation (or any rationale for that matter). But in an early cut of the film, a deleted scene introduced the original model for the T-800: a Southern Army Chief Master Sergeant named William Candy. The tone’s all wrong for the film, but I have to admit, as dumb as this clip is, I sort of have a soft spot for its goofiness (and central joke).

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