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What Is Halo Without the Master Chief?

Picture_12The history of film-to-video-game is, to put it charitably, not good, or to put it cruelly, Uwe Boll. The parade of execrable game adaptations coming out of Hollywood screenwriter meetings seems to indicate a fairly uncreative creative process is in place.

I mean, what else to think of an adaptation of Doom that does not star a green-armored space marine? And now the adaptation of Halo looks like to be going down the same route: There’s talk of making the upcoming Neill Blomkamp / Peter Jackson game version of the Halo franchise without its iconic, emerald-armored warrior!

That’s just utterly absurd. The Halo franchise is all about the Master Chief murderously raging through infinite swarms of purple-blooded, religious extremist aliens. Moreover, the excellent spin-off novels by Eric S. Nylund  go a long way in humanizing the Master Chief character… and trust me, I’d usually opt for torture over some trashy novel based on a video game.

My point is that if you take the Master Chief out of Halo, you take the Halo out of it too. Fears that the Master Chief is just a superman in a robot suit and therefore not sympathetic might be justified, but there’s an easy solution too: It’s called "competent characterization."

Interview with Bungie’s Joseph Staten [Newsweek]

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