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Turning The Signal Trailer Into a Pile of Cliches

What is it about American marketing that can turn any new film into a pile of clichés? IGN debuted the "red band" (restricted) trailer for the upcoming The Signal. While it’s not much different from the trailer that popped in late December, it’s worlds apart from the outstanding (and brutal) teaser trailer set to a Lou Reed cover. Today’s trailer is full of stringed-instruments crescendos and inane jump cuts—reducing the plot down to a J-Horror rip-off cautionary tale against technology. Even the new poster wreaks of marketing inanity: The "Aint It Cool" pull quote is as large as the title; the tag line has changed from "Do You Have the Crazy" to "This Is Not a Test." The Signal is set to transmit into theaters on Friday, February 22.

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