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Trek XI: No Go-Go Dancer Fashions

Startrek_tosThe biggest challenge facing J.J. Abrams as he reboots Star Trek is how to update Gene Roddenberry’s original vision of spaceships manned entirely by go-go dancers with antediluvian oscilloscopes.

While, perhaps, a compelling vision of the future in the hippy, dippy 1960s, Abrams knows the same thing we know: That retro set and costume design just isn’t going to fly in the 21st century. Sure, Star Trek eventually explained the bizarre look of TOS by claiming that the Federation had been gripped by a mod fashion craze, but audiences aren’t about to swallow that come Christmas 2008.

So here’s the dilemma Abrams has in front of him: Either he can update the original costumes and interiors with a more contemporary vision of the future (and be vilified by the die-hard Trekkies) or he can leave the miniskirts as they are and inspire a collective "WTF?" What’s he going to do?

Well, it looks like he’s opting for change, if this warning from the interior designer is anything to go by: "I think a lot of hardcore fans are going to freak out. As far as I know, only the exterior of the Enterprise had to stay the same. I don’t know if that came from J.J. or Paramount… If you see this movie with an open mind and take it at face value, you may have a great time."

As much as I wish they’d keep the old Starfleet uniforms, I can’t say this surprises me. I just wish they’d call this an official rethinking and be done with it: This half-reboot, half-prequel jazz is just so conceptually lame.

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