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Trek XI Needs Dwarfs

Picture 16.jpgAre you short? Tiny? Diminutive? Microscopic? Roughly the same height as the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince? Like Prince, do you shop at the Nordstrom’s Boys Department? Is your closet filled with platform shoes? Do you drive to work in a souped up car you purchased from a Toys “R” Us? Do you need to wear an overcoat and stilts to buy a ticket for an R-rated movie? When you die, will your tiny skeleton fit into a Rainbow Brite lunchbox? And so on. If so, J.J. Abrams’ wants you for Star Trek XI!

According to, J.J. Abrams is looking for little people, four feet or shorter, of any ethnicity, for shooting in mid-March. This is a bizarre request: The Star Trek universe is not populated by many dwarfs. In fact, fans are pretty helpless to explain the casting call, going so far as to surmise that they are needed as background crewman for forced perspective shots, a la Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

A pretty limp explanation: CGI can easily accomplish that stuff without short actors these days. Still, if you are a tiny thespian, this could be your career-defining moment. Think of Wawrick Davis in Return of the Jedi. Good luck, munchkins!

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