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Three Pro Fighters and Their Favorite Martial Art Flicks

Returnofthedragon_2You’ll probably never get a chance to Karate chop an evil super-villain. That’s okay. Thankfully you can still enjoy the martial artistry of masters like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. To ensure you’re watching the very best in man-on-man combat, we’ve challenged three professional fighters to list their favorite combat films.

Joshbarnett Name: Josh “The Babyfaced Assassin” Barnett

Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling

Titles: UFC Heavyweight Champion, PRIDE World Openweight Grand Prix runner-up

Number of Broken Bones: “One…that I know of, in addition to innumerable amounts of sprains and tears–and one shoulder dislocation.”

Top Three Combat Movies:

1. Rollerball (1975): “This movie has some incredible action sequences that pull you into the scene without taking away from the brutality and realism of the games. Just be sure to avoid that egregious 2002 remake at all costs.”

2. Rocky : “The classic underdog flick. Stallone pulls at your heart-strings as the Italian Stallion gives everything he’s got for his only chance to accomplish anything in this world.” 

3. The Street Fighter : “”>Brutal. For those used to the poetic violence of Kung-Fu cinema, this Karate-fueled fight-fest is a drastic departure–These men don’t fight graciously or fair, they flat out brawl.”



Name: Alicia "Slick" Ashley

Fighting Style:  Mkeka-do kickboxing/karate 2nd degree black belt

Titles: 3x World Champion boxer, 3x NY Golden Gloves champion, WCL kickboxing champion

Number of Broken Bones: "None."

Top Three Combat Movies:

1. One Armed Swordsman : "A skilled pupil envied by all severs his arm and still returns to save his love—a true underdog love story with lots of action."

2. Return of the Dragon : "Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris: Two champion martial artists at their peak…Need I say more?"

3. Five Deadly Venoms: "This classic good vs. evil tale is Kung-Fu at its best: One loyal pupil is out to dispatch past pupils who are using their skills for evil."


Steve Name:
Steve Milles

Fighting Style: Muay Thai Kickboxing

Titles: World Kickboxing Association and International Sport Kickboxing Association Champion, Intercontinental Champion for the US Muay Thai Association

Number of Broken Bones: "I broke my right hand (multiple times), ribs, nose, and hip. I suffered cuts to my eyelids, eyebrow ridge, and cheekbones. Well worth it in the grand scheme of things."

Top Three Combat Movies:

1. Fist of Legend : " The story of Chinese resistance to Japanese colonial domination raised to another level in this updated version starring Jet Li—no one is better in martial arts movies."

2. Kung Fu Hustle : "Amazing fight choreography, well-developed characters in every sense of the word, and a very witty strain of humor. Great flick even for those who don’t appreciate the martial arts genre."

3. The Killer : " This ‘gun fu’ masterpiece has blazing gun battles, action like a dance, friendship and betrayal, good and evil…it doesn’t get any better."


(Additional reporting by Annsley Chapman.)

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