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The Unlikely But Career-Making Sniper Trilogy

Sniper_1Alright people. Let’s talk sequels.  Did you know that Sniper inspired not one, but two of them?  Hard to believe, especially when you consider that nine years went by between the release of the original and Sniper 2, and despite the fact that it was neither a box office smash nor based on a series of novels, a hit TV series, or a comic book. The only thing that the three films have in common is the main character, Thomas Beckett played by Tom Berenger and Berenger’s a talented guy. That’s surely reason enough.

After all, the actor was nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy, and actually won a Golden Globe for Rambo is coming out this year, as well as the unexpected The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.  Can we expect Sniper 4? For Berenger’s sake, we sure hope so.

Sniper plays tonight, Wednesday January 9 @  8 p.m. | 7C on AMC.

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