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The Terminator Model Grudge Match

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Who would win in a futuristic pit match between fleshless cybernetic endoskeletons? In one corner, the obsolete, Austrian-accented T-800, currently on break from its gubernatorial duties. In another, the amorphous alloy blob of the T-1000, followed by the jack-of-all-trades T-X and the waif-like Cameron model from The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Oh, it’s a contest of speculative fan boy fantasy, but Popular Mechanics was not satisfied with arguing with other dorks near the racks of the local comic book store over which Terminator was the toughest. They decided to analyze them all with science

Their ultimate conclusion? The T-1000 would wipe the floor with all of the less nebulously constructed Terminators. That effectively means the T-800’s victory over the T-1000 in T2 was a fluke, but that was pretty obvious even at the time: our Terminator dream match will not contain a convenient pit of molten lava in the middle of the ring.

Terminators Robot Comparison [Popular Mechanics]

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