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The Surprising Similarities Between Death Wish and Leprechaun

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At first glance it seems ridiculous to suggest that movies like Death Wish and Leprechaun have anything in common. On the surface, these two films look so different. How could anyone call them “simpatico?”

But in truth, the movies have more commonalities than you’d initially have guessed.  After reading the list below, some hardcore horror fans might find themselves watching the Death Wish marathon (today on AMC) while Bronson fans may end up running out to rent anything starring Warwick Davis. Are you ready for your conversion?

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The Ten Commonalities:

1. Both films inspired multiple sequels which have a cult-like following.
2. Both are both vigilante films. It’s true. The Irishman will kill you if you take away his gold and Paul Kersey, the main man in Death Wish, will kill you if you take away his family.  Neither one believes the police department can help him with his problem.
3. Despite the sequels having little in common with the original films, Charles Bronson always plays Kersey and Warwick Davis always plays Leprechaun.
4. Both actors were well known before reaching a broader audience in the violent serials; Davis for Star Wars and Willow and Bronson for The Dirty Dozen and The Great Escape .
5. In each film series the men get creative when they kill.  For example, Leprechaun uses things like a pogo stick for his dirty work and Kersey uses an explosive bottle of wine.

6. Both characters are well past their prime, Kersey ages from 50 to 70ish (if you go by Bronson’s age
as he played the role) and Leprechaun is 600 to 2000ish.  They show that nothing, not even joint pain, will stop a man from exacting vengeance.
7. Leprechaun is a shoemaker and Kersey is an architect, surprising careers for men that moonlight violently.
8. Kersey sounds like an Irish name, right? Even if he’s not, both characters spend a lot of time “in Da Hood.”
9.  Hmm…what’s the polite way to say this.  Neither character (especially as portrayed
by these actors) looks like the typical franchise action hero you’d expect from Hollywood.  Leprechaun is under 4 feet tall and Kersey has the weatherbeaten face of a man Italians fondly referred to as “Il
10. Last but not least: No matter how many times they get hurt they never die! They are practically identical! 

If this silliness doesn’t have you convinced, you might enjoy our homage to revenge flicks: 10 Vigilantes You Don’t Want to Mess With.  If you think there is something to this brilliant new theory and want to see for yourself, AMC is showing Death Wish, Death Wish II and Death Wish 3 today Saturday, January 19 starting at  2 p.m. | 1C.

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