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The Steampunk Justice League of Victorian England

Extrapolated from Batman’s appearance in the Elseworlds graphic novel Gotham by Gaslight, the titular maverick action figure creator of Silloff’s Workshop has put together an entire theoretical line of steampunk Justice League prototype figures.

Superman has a regal, military look, like a mad Bavarian king turned ubermensch. Hawkgirl looks as if she’s had biomechanical surgery performed on her shoulder blades. Aquaman is the most genius of the bunch: a deep sea diver who requires a glass helmet full of water when he’s on land instead of a glass helmet full of air when he’s submersed. But there’s something about Martian Manhunter that compels me, too: He looks like a noir anti-hero displaced into Victorian times.

These are just groovy. I love the fact that there are guys out there who take base action figures from Toys ‘R’ Us and turn them into interesting creations I’d chew my left arm off to play with.

Gaslight Justice League [Sillof’s Workshop] (via Brass Goggles)

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