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The Star Wars Pop-Up Book

Star_3 There has been a resurgence in pop-up books over the last year or so: They’re not just for kids anymore. Witness the new-ish Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy. Yes, there’s a primary pop-up in the middle of each page. But there’s one in every corner of each page, too. The design is intricate with pull tabs to make the components (a light saber perhaps) move. Because the book garnered a stellar review in the New York Times Book Review, it was difficult to find a copy during the holidays. More lately, it’s been easier and sometimes even on sale. Matt Reinhart, the creator, is a paper engineer who’s done similar projects for The Wizard of Oz and Maurice Sendak. The book’s a welcome addition to the varied Star Wars canon of books. May the pop-up be with you.

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