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The Scanner’s Top Five: Week of 01.21

1. Heath Ledger’s tragic and untimely death put the fate of the SciFi fantasy film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in jeopardy, and increased anticipation for his last role in The Dark Knight.

2. The teaser trailer for the Star Trek prequel hit the web, as did the movie’s very first viral site,

3. Following the decapitation of Lady Liberty during Clovefield, the Scanner took note of all the trauma the Statue has endured in the history of Science Fiction.

4. Marvel Comics sold out–yes, for the FIRST time–and announced a partnership with ABC where several of their titles will begin making references to the show Lost.

5. Inspired by Summer Glau’s sexy-yet-deadly model of Terminator in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Popular Mechanics pit all the models against each other in a winner-take-all death-match.

SciFi Dept. Video: Kevin Maher explained how A Boy and His Dog set the bar for Fido’s anthropomorphic future in Hollywood.

Talk Forum: We asked you to tell us what films you were anticipating in 2008, and to name your dream cast for Star Trek. This week it’s a SciFi franchise showdown: Star Trek vs. Star Wars–which do you think is better? Log on to the Talk forum to let us know.

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