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The Rapid-Fire Esthetics of Clint Eastwood


While Unforgiven and Mystic River were each created in 39 days apiece.  But Eastwood’s not the only tough guy out there making movies in relatively no time. Here are a few other underdogs who’ve wrung the most tension out of the least amount of shooting time:

1. Danny Boyle: Trainspotting in 7.5 weeks.
2. Spike Lee: Inside Man in 6 weeks.
3. Bryan Singer: The Usual Suspects in 36 days.
4. Robert Rodriguez: El Mariachi in two weeks.
5. Joel Schumacher: Phone Booth in just 12 days!

You can see how Clint’s speedy process translates tonight, January 10 when Heartbreak Ridge is broadcast on AMC at 8 p.m. EST | 7C.

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