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The Mad Max Fashions of John Galliano

medium_2201911587_4742620df2_o.jpgWhat will the fashion savvy cannibalistic mutant wear in the post-apocalypse to come? If the Road Warrior has taught me anything, I think I’ve got a good idea. The only acceptable hair style will be the mohawk, which is to armageddon what the crewcut was to the suburban fifties. Leather will be in short supply, but the supple skin of neonates left to cure in the sun can be wrapped around my feet as I trek through the irradiated sands. Every loose fold of flesh must be pierced with rusty nails, animal bones and shards of glass: This gives the fashionologically-conscious scavenger of the apocalypse street cred.

But fashion designer John Galliano has another idea. On Friday’s Ready-To-Wear Show in Paris (perhaps the city most likely to be nuked, if elderly American tourists get their way), Galliano revealed his latest fashion line, inspired by Mad Max. Instead of the usual gaggle of androgyne twinks, Galliano paraded out on the catwalk a ravaging gang of insane bikers, swaddled in nooses, chains, bloody bandages… and well-stuffed banana hammocks. The apocalypse has never been so horrifying.

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