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The Great Pretenders: Celeb Impersonators on Their Stars’ Best Movies

Americans love movies and movie stars.  If you’re not a movie star but you act or look like one, that’s good too.  We interviewed three celebrity impersonators and asked them to name the best films starring the person they impersonate. Here’s what they had to say.

Tiffany_claus_2 Name:  Tiffany Claus a.k.a. Angelina Jolie

Why? "I just thought, ‘why not?’ I was told so many times how much I look like her, there was no batting an eyelash at the opportunity."

Best Gig: Meet the Spartans, a feature film spoofing 300 , and in which she appears as Angelina. The release date is January 25.


Favorite Angelina Jolie Films:

1. Gia:  "She was a fresh new face back then and for such a young woman to act that role as well as she did I couldn’t not notice her."

2. Girl, Interrupted: "It’s another classic example of her talent at such a young age. She nailed that part too."

3. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider : "The video game was and still is my favorite game, as I am a huge gamer. Everyone told me I looked like Lara Croft. I entered a bunch of Tomb Raider contests and actually won a few…obviously Angelina and I both look like Lara Croft."


Name: Brian Bergdoll a.k.a. John Travolta

Why?  "My dad was in a disco band in the ’70s, and still had his vintage clothes… Since I’m about his size, I took his old wardrobe and wore it to some NY clubs near my dorm. The managers thought I was hilarious, and begged me to come back every weekend. After about 3 years of hosting ‘Disco Nights,’ I discovered talent agencies book impersonators for more money than I was getting. I never looked back."

Best Gig: The World’s Largest Disco, an annual fundraiser in Buffalo, NY.


Favorite John Travolta Films:

1. Saturday Night Fever :  "His performance succeeds on every level.  He was a TV star who took the lead role in a movie and, damn it, it worked."

2. Grease :  "Many actors are labeled Triple Threats, but Travolta really could act, sing, and dance."

3.  Urban Cowboy:  "It’s the first time Travolta plays a character his own age and he nails it.  He liked Stephanie in Fever and kissed Sandy in Grease.  Someone said ‘we gotta get this guy laid.’"

Tommy_as_garland Name:  Tommy Femia a.k.a. Judy Garland

Why? "I’ve loved Judy since I can remember.  A friend from high school nagged me about doing Judy professionally for years.  I finally told him to shut up and write me a show.  That was 1991."

Best Gig:  Playing Judy in the Drama Desk Award winning production Whoop-Dee-Do and being on the album. 


Favorite Judy Garland Films:

1. The Wizard of Oz :  "A brilliantly poignant acting job in one of the greatest films ever."

2.  Girl Crazy :  "A witty film with amazing music and one of the best finales put on the screen.  Judy never looked more beautiful."

3.  A Star Is Born :  "Her finest performance on film.  She truly was cheated out of that Oscar. Grace Kelly?  They hadda been kidding?"

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