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The Gold to Be Found in “Twin Peaks” Gold Box Edition

Twin Peaks is not a mystery. It’s an extended fright flick. That’s what I concluded after a mammoth viewing marathon inspired by the the newly-released Definitive Gold Box Edition of the cult TV series. The artsy "It" show of the early 1990s masqueraded as a whodunit, right? I mean it had the tag line "Who Killed Laura Palmer?" Could you be more clear? But on second look without commercials and with very few pee breaks, there’s no doubt that mastermind David Lynch had another genre in his mind. There are masterful nods to everything from Hitchcock to Halloween; you could even argue it inspired The X-Files. Yes, episodes in the second season are denigrated by bad humor but overall, the feeling is one of classic horror: the owls are not what they seem; BOB is the scariest evil being this side of The Exorcist, and Leo Johnson’s attack on his wife Shelly is scarier than most serial killer movies today.  

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