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“Star Wars” Remake on Super 8

In June, 1977, a trio of dorky youths caught a matinee of Star Wars at the White City Cinema in Worcester, Massachusetts. They were so blown away that the remainder of their summer was spent in a feverish delirium of fanboy enthusiasm, desperately recreating costumes and sets by memory, and committing them to Super 8. Why? Because in an era before home video, they wanted to watch Star Wars over and over.

The result is mind-boggling. The film is silent, but the recreations of Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers, the Star Destroyers and the Droids are just spot on. Post-processing effects are just utterly charming: a key scratched across the film becomes a laser blast, a cardboard model spun above the camera becomes an escape pod spit out from the belly of Princess Leia’s ship. Han Solo is played by what appears to be a world-weary 14-year-old, but he’s got the shrug of the shoulders and the sarcastic sneer down pat. And the aliens at the Mos Eisley bar are easily on par with the originals. And, of course, Greedo doesn’t shoot first.

I think this is one of the things we’ve lost thanks to home video, piracy, and the Internet: the utterly earnest fan slaving away to recreate a film without a hope of outside recognition. Check out the official site for the entire 50 minute film, as well as behind-the-scenes "making of" shots.

Star Wars Remake [Official Site]

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