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Star Trek XI Trailer Uninformatively Hits the Net

The first trailer for J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek XI has hit the net, looking every frame like the sci-fi spitting image of Rammstein’s video for “Sonne,” only this time without a bunch of industrial dwarves counting in German while being spanked by an Amazonian, drug-addicted Snow White.

That comparison’s accurate, strangely enough. The trailer shows the NCC-1701 in dry dock, being banged upon and welded by a deep space engineer illuminated solely by sparks spitting up in the darkness as snippets of John F. Kennedy’s iconic speech kicking off the space race play in the background, followed by Neil Armstrong’s flubbed “One small step for man” quote, then what sounds to be a mummified Leonard Nimoy gargling “Space… the final frontier” into a boom mike.

It’s a good teaser trailer, but it doesn’t answer any of our lingering questions about Trek XI’s uniforms or the Enterprise’s interior design. In other words, watching Rammstein’s “Sonne” video will probably give you just as much concrete information about Star Trek XI as the official trailer does.

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