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SciFi Scanner for 01/11/2008


• It looks like the WGA Strike may kill off even something as seemingly un-Hollywood as this year’s Comic-Con. Oh, there’ll still be plenty of beardos wiping Cheetos dust off their beards. Just no panels.

• io9 looks at five alternate histories of New York. None involve a zombie apocalypse, unfortunately.

• A couple of short films "informed" by J.G. Ballard’s bizarre novel of post-traumatic gash humping, Crash.

• An androgynous David Hasselhoff’s light saber duel with stop-motion androids.

• Based in LA? Hurry over to this phenomenal gallery exhibition of art inspired by Stan Lee’s comic characters.

• If you’re savvy with Bittorrent, check out this incredible steampunk puppet show put on by a gaggle of Germans at this year’s Chaos Congress in Berlin.

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