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SciFi Scanner for 1/4

Xmenposter• Rip out the polygonal, dimpled heart of a Lego Indian in these Indiana Jones themed LEGO playsets.

Star Wars luggage tags for the jetsetting Jedi.

• The money train never stops: J.K. Rowling threatens Harry Potter 8.

• My favorite tiki blogger, Mr. Bali Hai, comes up with the ultimate subtitle for the new Keanu Reeves Day The Earth Stood Still remake: Gort and Klaatu’s Bogus Journey.

• Lana Lang as Chung-Li for the new Street Fighter movie? Okay, but I’m not sure how it can possibly top the high standard of thespianism of Van Damme’s masterpiece.

• I have no further information on where this gorgeous retro-suited spaceman comes from, but I want to see more.

• Ugh. This seems like a bad idea: Jonny Quest to go live-action. I can only imagine the spikey-haired, NAMBLA posterchild they cast in the lead role.

• A gorgeous vintage X-Men poster by Eric Tan.

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