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R.I.P. Mad Max 4 Rumors

For a time Heath Ledger and I lived in the same neighborhood. Sometimes we’d chat at the playground. I’m not saying we were buddies; we made the small talk of parents with kids the same age.

He seemed like a decent Dad. And he was really friendly with the other kids. Probably because they didn’t know he was a celebrity. Parents would stand across the park and speak in hushed tones about the movie star in their midst.

Of course I wanted to ask about the rumors of a fourth Mad Max movie. For a time there’d been all kinds of stories about Heath Ledger playing Max. Other web sites suggested that he would play Max’s son (this came up after he and Mel Gibson played father and son in 2000’s The Patriot.) My favorite scenario was that Ledger would play the Feral Kid all grown up.

I never asked because it seemed like an obnoxious question when someone is telling you how beautiful your baby is.

Sure I’m bummed that he won’t make a Mad Max sequel, but I’m genuinely sorry that his little girl has lost her father.

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